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Craftsman Saw

The Craftsman Saw is a proposal for a new tool in a tool box. The new saw has two functions: (i) it functions as a jigsaw for large radius curves, and (ii) when raising the head of the saw, the hacksaw is raised and is aligned with the plane of the Craftsman Saw for small radius cuts like a scroll saw.

Option1 - Scrollsaw

Option2 - Jigsaw


I’ve started the project with an observation at carpentry shops, studying habbits and improvisations. I noticed that the jigsaw and scroll saw have a lot in common, both in shape and function-wise. The differences in their forms originates from the differences in the types of works planned to be performed and the required refinement that is expected to be applied in order to perform a specific work. The main difference between the two tools is in the height of the saw itself, while in the jigsaw position, the saw is below surface, the wood is stationary, and the jigsaw is mobile; in a scroll saw the saw is set above surface, the scroll saw is stationary and the wood is mobile. I decided that I would endeavour to design a saw in which the height of the saw is dynamic in order to easily perform the functions in both styles, the jigsaw's and scroll saw's.

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