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Shraga Emergency Light


Shraga (means "candle" in ancient Hebrew) is an emergency light for use during power shutdowns, made from felt and polypropilen. The Shraga Emergency Light functions as an atmosphere light. When the power shuts down, a thread of light is seen on the the wall behind Shraga. When needed, you can easily remove Shraga from the wall and bring it with you to light your way from one room to another. By opening the handle you might carry Shraga like an umbrella made of light.

Shraga hanged on the wall

Shraga in portable state

The foldable handel opens


Common emergency lights in the market today appear cold and industrial looking. Their bulky shape might take up space and demand a wall plug, even during times in which they are not in use. I sought to design an emergency light with a greater potential for efficiency. For this end, I aimed for a homely, warm atmosphere lighting, shaped like a shielding umbrella. Thereby, offering a greater sense of security as well as rendering it a large portable light source, necessary functions in real-time emergency events.

Shapes exploration

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