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We all know the fun and inexplicable joy from popping a bubble wrap or some crispy item. The Snap Toy is a 3D printed toy which is based on the human attraction for snap, break, and pop. The design utilizes the well-known disadvantage of 3D printing, the support material, by manipulating it into a "matrix" made from PLA. The user experience is that of pure magic. The toy is a surprise of which to unveil.


I have started this project with the hope to create a toy that a child might print at home. From this intial step, I observed the unique characteristics of 3D printing in order to discern its added value. I chose to focus on the support material that the 3D printer sets for any model, in oder to be able to build fine structures, and set the direction of the printing process; the first is flexible and the other is breakable. Therefore, I decided to design a shatterable discoverable toy. The child (or grown up) needs to diligently endeavor to find the surprise inside. Perhaps, like an adventurer or an archaeologist.

Final resault: two colors printing

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