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Paddle on land.

Tetra Board

Great ancestors


The paddle is inspired by the classic kayak's paddle.

When carring the Tetra Board, the paddle may also be used as an argonomic handle.

The design of the paddle adds warmth to the whole experience.


The wheels are "Carver" wheels. Unlike common skateboard trucks, the Carver wheels allow making smaller radius turns then usual skateboard, thereby enabling Tetrapods motion. while one axis ajusts the horizontal plane, the other axis modifies the vertical one,resulting in a smooth and surflike experience.


The board itself is inspired by the natural reflection of light on water. In order to create a sense of surfing on clear water, I chose a see through fish-shaped board. Instead of covering the board with a standart sandpaper grip, the TetraBoard's grip is carved in the boared itself and is an integral part of it.

Riding the TetraBoard feels like sailing in the open sea.

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